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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ranch offer tours without a reservation?

No, Chief Joseph Ranch does not offer tours without a cabin reservation (see Cabins and Reservation Policies for more information). 

Can I take photos of the Dutton Ranch sign at the gate?

We welcome the large number of Yellowstone fans who stop at our gates to take photos of the Dutton Ranch sign. Please be courteous and do not block the driveway. During filming, there will be security at the gates. The Security company will not allow photos at that time due to the need to keep the drive open for cast and crew. 

How was your ranch chosen for the location of Yellowstone?  

The Reader's Digest version of the story is that it was a cold call. We did not have the ranch listed as a film location. We are humbled and honored that Paramount chose our ranch as the setting of this amazing series. 

What locations are used for filming at the ranch?

The lodge great room, kitchen, back porch, front porch, helipad, and yard, as well as the following locations:


  • Armory 

  • Rip's cabin

  • Lee’s cabin

  • Trapper cabin 

  • Barns, including the corrals, arena, round pen, bunkhouse, and fields 

  • Woods, cemetery, and entrance 

  • Rip’s boyhood home

  • Several locations on the Bitterroot River property of the ranch

Where is the closest airport?

Missoula International Airport (MSO) is the closest airport to the ranch.


It has been our experience that flights through Denver International Airport often have delays that can potentially bump a flight into Missoula to the next day. There are direct flights from Salt Lake City International Airport and Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Airport that we use from different parts of the country that usually arrive on time. Our suggestion is that you attempt to book the earliest flight possible into Missoula with the fewest connections. Since we are  are fully booked, we cannot extend a stay or compensate a missed night due to travel delays. 


If you are booking a trip in the winter months or in our fire season (August and September), we suggest you consider travel insurance. 


Should we rent a car?



Can I fish on my own or do I have to use a guide?

Although we recommend fishing with a guide or outfitter, you can fish on your own. You may fish on one mile of ranch property bordering the Bitterroot River or we can direct you to nearby fishing accesses. If you want a guided float, we can put you in touch with the outfitters we use or you can hire your own. 


When is the best time to fish in Western Montana?

Any day is a great day to fish in Montana! Fishing starts in mid to late March with the Skwala stonefly hatch providing first real dry fly action . There are 23 hatches from January through November. The Bitterroot is not fishable during the spring, snow melt run-off which usually begins around May and lasts through mid-June. Fishing ramps open again during late June and continue to remain open into the late fall. 


Click here to see hatches in western Montana provided by the Missoulian Angler.

What are typical temperatures at Chief Joseph Ranch?

Springtime temperatures range between 45° and 75° with crisp mornings and cool evenings. Summer days are warm and sunny, anywhere from 65° to 103° and may cool down to 45° at night. Fall tends to be a bit warmer than spring, with temperatures between 50° and 80° during the day, and dropping as low as 30° after sunset. Winter days are typically 25° to 45° with overnight temperatures in the low 20s. Weather can be unpredictable; storms can occur with little warning and temperatures can drop quickly, so we recommend dressing in layers.  For current and monthly weather conditions click on the Accuweather link here.

Are children allowed at Chief Joesph Ranch?


Are pets allowed at Chief Joseph Ranch?

No. Chief Joseph Ranch does not allow pets.


May I bring our horses?

Yes. Horses may be pastured or corralled at your preference.  


The minimum cost is $25 per day for two horses.


Do you rent the ranch for weddings?

We receive many requests each year for weddings. Unfortunately, that is not a service we offer. 


Can I receive mail and overnight packages while I am vacationing at Chief Joseph Ranch?



Please be sure the item is marked with your name and arrival date. UPS is the most reliable shipping provider for our area.

Can we book a stay in the lodge?



The ranch was ran as a Bed & Breakfast from 2004 to 2012, allowing guests to stay in the lodge. However, when our family purchased the ranch, we closed the Bed & Breakfast and transitioned to a guest ranch with cabin rentals. The lodge is now our family home. 


What do you offer for rentals?

We have two cabins for rent to guests. The Ben Cook Cabin (Rip's cabin in Season 1 and Kayce's cabin in Season 2) and the Fisherman Cabin (Lee's cabin in Season 1 and Season 2). 

Both cabins sleep up to 8 guests, have a full kitchen, and a grill.

Do you have laundry services on the ranch?

Each cabin is equipped with a new washer and dryer. Dry cleaning and professional laundry is available in Hamilton, Montana. 

Are there meals served on the ranch?

No. We do not serve meals on the ranch. Each cabin has a full kitchen as well as an outdoor grill. However, we can suggest local caterers who can provide meals in your cabin if desired.


Is there a grocery store nearby?

Yes, People’s Market in Darby is 2 miles from the ranch. There are also several grocery stores in Hamilton which is a short 25 minute drive. If you have gluten restrictions or other dietary needs, we recommend The Good Food Store in Missoula. 


What about local restaurants?

There are three restaurants in Darby as well as several in Hamilton. We are happy to make suggestions regarding dining options. We can also suggest local caterers who can provide meals in your cabin.


*Chief Joseph Ranch policies and rates are subject to change without notice.

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